13 Ways to Save Battery on Your iPhone


While we’re excited about Apple’s new iOS, iOS 14, there are a few iOS 14 issues to deal with, including a propensity for iPhone battery drain that comes along with a software upgrade. how to save battery life on your iOS 14 or earlier iPhone. If you have an iPhone 6S that needs better battery … Read more

How to Use Safari Extensions Easily on iPhone & iPad


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How To Set Up a New iPhone Step by Step


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Best Free Weather Apps in 2021


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Unlock iPhone without Computer Using 3 Methods


If you’re locked out of your iPhone and can’t seem to remember its password, we have the best methods and guides on how to unlock it without a computer. To secure the device data, Apple offers three options: Face ID, Password protection, and Passcode protection. The passcode is one of the basic functions which are … Read more